Bilingual day care in Montpellier

English Immersion

Our bilingual MAM will give children the opportunity to develop their linguistic capacities from the youngest age. Numerous studies, but also our personal experience, have proven that the sooner a second language is learnt, the easier its acquisition will be. Besides the future ability to speak a second language fluently, being stimulated by exposure to different languages can help develop imagination and creativity.

My colleague and I are both fluent English speakers. Our vocation is not only to pass on our language but also our different cultures in the following ways: 


 by speaking English to the children

 by speaking to one another in English

 by organizing all activities in English (games, stories, nursery rhymes)


It is through simple everyday moments that the child will assimilate the language, without even realising it. The learning process will seem natural and will happen without any pressure on the child. Every child will benefit from a stimulating and secure environment while learning a new language and discovering a different culture.


Children learn English in a
fun and interactive way


Children play in a stimulating
and safe environment


Children grow together,
in a respectful environment

About bilinguism

 The benefits of a bilingual brain - Mia Nacamulli
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Baby Bilingue | MAM bilingue à Montpellier

Baby Bilingue

In addition to providing a safe environment for children, Baby Bilingue’s other objective is to transmit the English language and culture to the children in our care



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